Rodrig Alves' nose surgery in iran


Rodrigo Alves is one of the thousands of tourists who have chosen Iran for plastic surgery (due to the high quality of services and only one-fifth of the cost compared to European countries), with the difference that she trusted an Iranian doctor for her most sensitive surgery, as well In addition to nose surgery, eyebrow lift, chin form, laser hair removal, and lamination of her teeth in Iran.
According to Rodrigo Alves theory Iran, with its skilled plastics surgeons, very good children, geography and scenic views, as well as its historic potential, is very special. Iran has the highest rates of nose surgery in men and women, and no country has operated as Iranian surgery, which is why Iranian physicians are highly skilled in this regard.
Rodrigo Alves, with three Spanish, Brazilian, and British nationalities in 18 countries and 58 retina television networks, has done 61 cosmetic surgeries so far: "So far, there have been many surgeries in Turkey, Poland and the United States." This is due to the fact that the best physicians in these countries do just three weeks of surgery. At the same time, experts in Iran do a lot of beauty and have a lot of experience and self-confidence every day.
Mr. Rodrigo Alves is fluent in five languages ​​and has many chain stores in the world, and his criteria for high-quality surgeries and low costs are announced.




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