Our company:

Aghigh Medical Tourism Co. is the largest tourism company in the field of medical services and medical tourism in Iran. The company, with the help of its experienced staff, has been providing its services since the formation of the case and conducting pre-arrival consultations in Iran until after the withdrawal from Iran, which is accepted annually by people from all over the world who seek treatment or cosmetic surgery have.

Our mission:

We use the experienced staff and experience teams of professionals from the best hospitals, medical and nursing staff of the complex, seeking professional and affordable services with the most advanced equipment available to the applicants.

Our services:

In this company, we offer a selection of beauty and therapeutic services:

Our advantage:

Aghigh Company is the largest provider of medical-cosmetic services in Iran, which operates in more than 11 countries. We are in direct contact with more than 15 over-the-counter hospitals and 12 hotel complexes with several travel agencies.
You will also be provided with clear therapeutic and costly treatment options, and our medical and psychiatric advisers will always be with you.
Our formal team and interpreters are available to you upon arrival at the airport until the day you leave.
All medical and therapeutic teams for women are specially designed for women. To treat themselves with a sense of security and wellbeing.

We provide free consultation with our best doctors for all our pationts.

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